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Welcome Aboard!

Book your spot today and sail for the adventure in the wonderful sea of the cyclops.

Fratelli Aprea Sorrento 36 HT

Rent this Fratelli Aprea Sorrento 36 HT motorboat, ideal for spending a day of fun and relaxation with your family and closest friends. You can see the stunning landscapes and dive into the crystal clear waters of the beautiful sea of Cyclops.

We offer one-day and even half-day cruises

This Fisherman boat is designed for mini cruising and sports fishing enthusiasts. Sorrento 36 HT terns offer both the bow and the aft cockpit with comfortable spaces suitable for sport fishing.

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Salvo Spina, the captain of the Eolian Wind.


Salvo has the extensive fishing experience and loves to travel by sea. The sea has been part of his life for over 30 years.

Together with his yacht, Salvo wants to share his knowledge not only about fishing but also to let you try the adventure and see together the wonderful villages in the eastern part of Sicily.

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